Why Work With A Professional Genealogist?

Time – Do you have the time to review records online, contact potential resources, and travel to cemeteries, courthouses, libraries and other repositories to further your research? If you are like most people interested in genealogy, you wish you had more time to do just that, but you don’t. By hiring us to accomplish tasks that you are not comfortable with or where you lack experience, or utilizing our resources to look up or retrieve records that are too distant for you to quickly retrieve, you can free up your time to pursue those leads you know you can resolve yourself.

Technical Know-How – As a recipient of a Certificate in Genealogical Research from the Boston University, Laura received training in a number of advanced research techniques from some of the premier genealogists in the United States, and is well-versed in the proper documentation of the resulting findings. Additionally, she attends conferences, and completes continuing education on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of the newest research techniques and keep abreast of the latest resources available to help you complete your research.

Cost – The costs associated with subscribing to multiple databases, traveling to distant repositories, and spending fruitless days searching the stacks can really add up quickly. By hiring a professional to complete your targeted search, you may reduce your costs in terms of dollars and time spent by allowing us to utilize our knowledge base to most effectively and efficiently locate your records.

Temperament – As a lover of genealogy, I find it hard to believe that everyone doesn’t enjoy spending hours staring at probate records online, digging through boxes in musty courthouse basements, or spending glorious Saturday afternoons in windowless rooms at far-flung libraries and archives, but my family tells me that is the case! If you simply want to gain knowledge about your ancestors, but don’t want to do the leg work yourself we can help.

There are many reason to hire a professional. Still not sure? Check out this link to find out why you need us to help complete your project.